Straightforward, easy-to-give gifts with big real-time impact allowing you to support the college or program of your choice, the university’s greatest need, or any one of numerous specific areas

Other kinds of gifts, like endowments and planned gifts, may have more zeroes at the end than the average UCF Fund gift, but gifts to the UCF Fund are just as important, since they allow the university and its colleges and departments much greater flexibility in their use.

By aggregating literally thousands of individual gifts every year, the UCF Fund also ensures that each of them does the most good it can. Basically, we put your gift to work alongside lots of others in order to create a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts.

You can choose to designate your gift to the UCF Fund to support just about anything you can think of at the university, and you may give online, by mail or by phone—whatever is most convenient for you.



Enduring gifts that are invested and nurtured over time, providing UCF with a stable source of funding while helping support promising students, recruit top-flight faculty and enhance vital programs

In the long run, there’s no way of giving more powerful than establishing an endowment. In the simplest terms, when you create an endowment, you tell us not to spend the money, but rather to grow it carefully through investing and spend only what it yields each year. In fact, we don’t even spend all of what it yields; instead, we re-invest some of the yield so the fund keeps growing.

That means your endowment will help UCF and its students far into the future—and it will help them more and more as time passes. Think of your endowment as a fruit tree that, as long as it’s carefully nurtured, bears more with each passing year.

The bedrock of UCF’s private support, endowments grow with time, benefitting the university with each passing year.

Many endowed funds are created to support student scholarships, and you may not only name your scholarship but also specify the kinds of students you’d like it to help. Other endowed funds support named faculty chairs and professorships, while still others may be designed to do things like give a library money to purchase new titles each year.

Generally, $25,000 is required to establish an endowed fund, although that amount need not be given all at once—nor even by a single donor.

Learn more about endowment giving.

The Power of Endowments


Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit us after your lifetime, you can find a charitable plan that lets you provide for your family and support UCF

Deferred or planned gifts allow you to leave a legacy of support for UCF and its students that can also benefit you and your family during your lifetime. Some types of planned gifts even pay you income. For more information about the many options, visit the planned giving portion of our site or contact Kathleen Hagerty at 407.882.1237 or

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Gifts of any size that pay tribute to a living or departed family member, friend or mentor by supporting UCF and its students in his or her name

Virtually any gift to UCF can be made expressly in someone’s honor or in memory. Our online giving pages allow you to enter any name you wish, and you may also choose to have a letter sent announcing your gift. If you give by mail, simply fill in your friend’s or loved one’s name on the memo line of your check. If you give by phone, we’ll be happy to take your information as part of your gift.

Additionally, you may give your own name or that of a friend, loved one, mentor or business to your endowed fund. Numerous opportunities are also available to name campus buildings and areas within them.

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Please contact a development officer about endowments and naming opportunities.

Development Officers


Gifts that are doubled—or more—by your employer or another donor, multiplying their positive impact to advance UCF

Numerous companies are willing to match their employees’ charitable gifts. Please note, though, that it is your responsibility to notify your employer of the gift.

But employers aren’t the only option for having a gift matched. In fact, many donors—both individuals and corporations—make “challenge” gifts in which they offer to match gifts from anyone. Please visit our matching gift look-up to see if your employer participates in a matching gift program.

Even the State of Florida will match gifts to support scholarships for first-generation scholarship students.

Many employers match donations made by their employees, multiplying their impact. Does yours?

Look up your Company's Policy


Gifts made through our quick, secure online system, which offers a full range of choice in areas you wish to support as well as honor and memorial giving and recurring monthly giving

With our easy giving page, you can make an online gift to the UCF Fund in minutes with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card.

You can choose to help meet the university’s greatest need, to support the college, department or program of your choice,  or to select an even more specific area of support from a detailed list. You can also make your online gift in honor or memory of a family member, friend or mentor and request that a letter be sent on your behalf announcing your gift. Gifts may be made as a single sum, or you may schedule a recurring monthly gift.

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