Cash gifts let you help UCF today.

Direct gifts — whether cash, check or via credit card — are critically important to UCF because they can be put to work immediately, increasing their impact and extending their reach.

Giving online through UCF’s secure giving site allows us to address the university’s most urgent needs today.


Your pledge gift provides UCF with funding for today's needs, in addition to providing dependable funding over time.

A pledge is a statement of intention to make a gift to UCF. Donors who seek to defer the bulk of their giving until a future date, or who want to give via installments over time, may use this giving strategy. Pledges are typically made with a preliminary first installment gift and provide a source of consistent and dependable funding for the university.


Recurring gifts are ideal for donors who wish to support UCF in an ongoing and consistent way.

Monthly deductions via your checking or savings account or via credit card are a simple way to maximize your gift and sustain your impact through regular and consistent contributions to students, faculty and programs at UCF.  Many donors find they can increase their support to UCF by giving less, more often. Regular monthly deductions quickly add up to a larger annual gift than you might have thought possible.


If you would like to extend your support of UCF to make a lasting impact, there are several planned gift arrangements that might suit your needs.

A planned, or deferred, gift — such as a bequest made through your will or a gift of life insurance — enables you to make a larger gift to UCF than you may have thought possible, while providing financial security for you and your family. The Office of Gift Planning will help you explore the many options available to create a planned giving strategy that meets your needs and goals.


A gift of appreciated stock is often considered "tax wise" because of its many benefits.

Gifts of stock can be designated to support an area most meaningful to you. Gifts of appreciated securities are tax deductible at their full market value. In most cases, appreciation in the value of the security benefits the University and is not taxable to the donor.


Making a charitable gift of real estate through the UCF Foundation can help turn your property gains into increased scholarships and opportunities for students.

By making a gift of real estate, you can leverage a significant asset for your benefit and the university’s. While supporting UCF’s mission, you can save on taxes, increase your income, and/or reduce the burden of maintaining or selling your property. Gifts can be made with residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate.

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