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Become a Council Member

The UCF Parent & Family Philanthropy Council (PFPC) is a leadership board of parent volunteers. Together with like-minded parents, the Council works to foster a warm and welcoming environment for all UCF families. The Council’s goals are to raise awareness, increase philanthropic support, and become more involved with the university to enhance the UCF experience for all Knights.


Make A Campus Connection

Parent & Family Philanthropy Council ambassadors are especially valued members of the UCF family. They enjoy regular updates and communications from professional staff, a personal contact within the UCF Advancement division, and numerous opportunities to network with like-minded parents as well as UCF staff and faculty.

Additionally, during council meetings, board members gain valuable insights into student success both before and after graduation from speakers on subjects like careers services and mentorship programs. They also have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of academic and administrative leaders from across the university.

Make a Difference for Knights

Members of the council give of their time, talent and resources to make the UCF experience the best it can be for not just their Knights, but all Knights -- more than half of whom receive need-based financial aid.

Although council members are encouraged to give to support whatever area or priority is closest to their hearts, many choose to make gifts that impact areas of particular concerns to parents. The fact is that tuition and fees at public universities like UCF cover only part of the real cost of educating each student. Private philanthropy allows the university the flexibility to offer the kinds of services and experiences that make students’ lives better:

  • The Study Union program, which allows the Student Union to stay open 24/7 during Finals Week, providing academic support, late-night snacks and free wellness services
  • Student safety and wellness
  • Career and leadership development training programs
  • The Knights Helping Knights Pantry
  • Emergency funding to help students through unexpected challenges
  • Additional academic resources and support

Additionally, members' philanthropy serves as an inspiring example to their sons and daughters, to their fellow Knight parents and to the community.

Make a Commitment to Serve

As a council member, you may serve throughout your student’s time at UCF, and may continue to serve as a parent of an alumnus (PLUM). Philanthropic participation is fundamental to council membership, and families are encouraged to give commensurate with their philanthropic capacity and affinity for UCF, with a minimum of $1,000 annually. Giving, though, is just the beginning. There are many more ways you can support the council's efforts, including:

  • Recommend new parent council volunteers and assist with the identification of potential parent donors, when possible
  • Attend two meetings annually as available
  • Phone new freshmen parents to welcome them to UCF and invite them to join the parent council (approximately 10 per year)
  • Volunteer as ambassadors during the summer orientation sessions
  • Provide feedback on the awarding of the Parent & Family Fund grants to UCF departments
  • Host a regional Freshman Welcome event in your area with light refreshments for incoming freshmen and their parents
  • Facilitate internships or career opportunities for students

Take the Next Step

To learn more about membership on the Parent & Family Philanthropy Council, please provide the following information. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Annie O'Donnell, '09, '10, Director of Parent and Family Philanthropy, at (407) 823-5846 or annie.odonnell@ucf.edu.

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The Parent & Family Fund

You can make a difference for UCF students today with a donation to the Parent & Family Fund. The fund keeps the Student Union open 24 hours a day during finals week, provides crisis support for students’ emergencies, assists the Knights Helping Knights Pantry, and provides numerous grants that promote and career development programming.

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