Who gives to UCF? Our donors are your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Some are graduates of UCF, while others are friends who believe great things are possible when a nationally recognized university is a member of the community. They’re the sort of people who care very much about the future of UCF and its role in providing education and opportunity to Central Florida.

Some of our donors have given millions, while others write a $50 check every year. Every one of them is priceless to UCF, because they share the belief that this university should offer universal opportunity to anyone who wants to work hard, give back and make the most of getting a college education.

Our donors are people just like you. Why not become one and give today?


“It's been great to be tied to this university; contributing through the university to the community...helping to set up our next generation for success is something that just makes me feel good when I get up every morning."

Beverly J. Seay, longtime UCF donor, CECS Dean's Advisory Board Chair, and UCF Trustee 


“It's important to find someone who needs a helping hand and extend one to them. Life is not complete unless you balance your enthusiasm to be successful with enthusiasm to give back to others." 

Harris Rosen, philanthropist, longtime UCF donor and namesake of UCF's Rosen College of Hospitality Management


“I see a lot of student teachers who have a part-time job, two part-time jobs, struggling to put themselves through school. I know [my donation] isn't going to keep a student from having to work at all, but if someone can benefit from this little chunk of money then I've done something to help."

Bryan Zugelder, '98, planned giving donor, supporting scholarships for student teachers


“I received a quality education that prepared me for the real world and I graduated without debt. I could not have done any of this without the donors who believe in UCF's vision. Now I am proud to stand with them.”

Lauren Murphy '12, President's Circle donor, supporting student scholarships


“I give to UCF because I'm a student and a staff member. UCF has given me wings to fly, and it's just a great place to be.”

Rebecca Matos, UCF staff member, supporting the annual Faculty and Staff campaign


“We believe UCF, our hometown university, makes Central Florida a better place -- from the arts and athletics, to medicine and research, and especially in the countless students whose educational dreams become realities. We are proud of UCF and the difference we make as donors."

Judy and David Albertson, longtime UCF donors


“It was a very easy decision [to donate] from a business standpoint, but also a heartfelt goal to do something important for the university, for the environment and the state of Florida.”

Duane De Freese, planned gift donor, supporting UCF Biology


“I give to UCF because this is my home. I hope to help many others who can also find a place at UCF.”

M.C. Santana, Ph.D., Director, Women’s Studies, College of Arts and Humanities

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