Feature Story

'Just a Few College Kids'

A Burnett Honors College service-learning trip to Nicaragua through a student’s eyes (and lens)


In June 2014, seven UCF students spent nearly a month in Nicaragua for a service-learning project offered by The Burnett Honors College. While there, they built a rainwater collection system and cistern at a remote mountain rehabilitation center with no other on-site water source and devised an oxygenation system for a fish farm that will provide a sustainable source of badly needed protein.

Students paid just $1,500 each to participate. The remainder of the costs were covered by private donors.

Film production major Zachary Lambe made this short video during the trip, in part as a thank you to the donors who made it possible.

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Interested in finding out more about experiential and service-learning, the top fundraising priority for The Burnett Honors College? Visit the college's informational pages about the Nicaragua and South Africa programs.

To learn how you can help support these transformative programs, contact Bridget Holt, '05,  at 407.823.2877 or bridget.holt@ucf.edu.

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