More than 200,000 UCF alumni are vital to advancing the mission of UCF.

When did your love of all things Black and Gold begin? Was it as the child of a proud alumnus, or the first time you stepped on campus as a new Knight? When you attended a performance at the Performing Arts Center with your spouse, cheered in the Bounce House with your friends, or ice skated during LightUp UCF with your grandchildren?

However you got connected — whether during your time as a student or later as an alumnus — we hope you’ll stay connected to the community of friends and alumni who care deeply about the university and want to ensure its continued success by supporting one of the many programs, schools, or scholarships that make UCF great.

Whether it’s giving to UCF Alumni and the more than $40,000 in scholarship awards they give each year, and the full-range of services and networking opportunities they provide; The UCF Fund, the university’s annual giving program that supports UCF’s most critical needs like First Generation Scholarships or the Knights Helping Knights Pantry; Championship Resources, the fundraising arm of UCF Athletics that assists our 500+ student-athletes as they continue to succeed on and off the field; or a specific college or school on our main campus or one of our nine regional campus across Central Florida, your support helps UCF continue to grow and provide opportunities for alumni, current and future students, community partners and friends.


Partnerships with friends — members of the community, local business leaders and visitors to campus — enhance programs and activities that benefit not just the university, but also the region and the state.

You may not have attended the University of Central Florida but that doesn’t mean your tie to university isn’t strong. In fact, in recent years friends of UCF have given about a quarter of all the donations each year.

Friends like you supported a wide variety of programs, from First Generation student scholarships to athletic facility enhancement. They went to basketball games at the Addition Financial Arena and donated to UCF Athletics. They attended theatre performances and helped support the Performing Arts Center. They helped raise worldwide literacy rates by funding research at the Morgridge International Reading Center. The support of friends has helped make UCF the jewel of Central Florida.

"In Central Florida, it seems like we're all from someplace else. I wanted to get involved with the local team."

—Tim Moon, Athletics Donor


From their first day as a Knight to their graduation day, students benefit from the support of UCF Parents and Families.

You’ve been a champion of your student’s education for years. We share the pride you feel towards your Knight and want to give them every opportunity for success.

UCF’s goal is to offer the best undergraduate education available in Florida, but many of the programs that enrich the student experience do not receive the state funding they require. Contrary to popular belief, tuition and state funding cover only a portion of the real cost of educating students.

That's why we established the Parent & Family Fund, a one-stop shop to assist the vital student programs that help ensure all Knights' success. Things like the 'Study Union,' the round-the-clock operation of the student union during finals week, complete with on-site tutoring; Knights Helping Knights pantry, the student-run operation that helps Knights in need with food and supplies; library renovations and resource additions that help many more students with their academic needs. And that's just a few. Virtually every aspect of academic and extracurricular experiences is impacted by the generosity of parents and families of Knights.

GET INVOLVED: We encourage parent involvement at UCF through our Parent & Family Philanthropy Council. For more information, contact Annie O'Donnell '08 '10MBA, Director of Constituent Engagement and Philanthropy or visit our Parent & Family Philanthropy Council page.

The UCF Parent and Family Fund is a one-stop shop for parents who want to enrich and improve the UCF experience not just for their Knights, but for all Knights.

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Employee giving does much more than support students and programs. It also bolsters UCF’s academic rankings and overall reputation.

You know the inside scoop on this university. As a faculty or staff member, you are lucky to work day-to-day with UCF students and faculty, and can see the impact of donor generosity in all its forms. You hear the stories – students whose scholarships made the difference between taking a leave of absence and staying to finish a degree; faculty members whose programs have received funding to purchase equipment or hire additional graduate assistants.

As a faculty or staff member, you can identify areas where support is needed most and reinforce your departments' most valued or underserved programs — ones that others may not even be aware of.

But it goes further than that. Your giving says to the community, UCF's peer institutions and, most importantly, students that those who work at UCF are devoted to the success of the university. It plays a role in academic rankings and reputation. It says to alumni and friends on whose support the university depends that UCF's faculty and staff believe in UCF enough to give their own valuable resources.

"I am honored to be an employee here and know that all of us work hard to achieve outstanding things for our students and this great university."

—Gordon Chavis, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services


Current students are at the heart of UCF and their participation in, and support of, co-curricular and service-learning activities bring added dimension to their own college experience and enrich the lives of many in the community.

It doesn't matter if you're a full-time student or a part-time one, live on-campus or off, take your classes in person or online – you are a Knight! And your student experience is not just about studying and attending classes.

Volunteering time or supporting programs with a donation gives you, and other Knights like you, the chance to experience great things like trail restoration, organizing a food pantry warehouse and assisting with childcare for children with Down Syndrome — through programs like Volunteer UCF and Knights Give Back. After all, it's those extra things you do outside of your study time that make the UCF experience personal.

Giving back through student philanthropy is also on the rise at UCF, and student donors are making sure that current and future Knights have limitless options when it comes to enriching the college experience, by giving to the programs that help Knights make a lasting impact on the Central Florida community.



America's Partnership University is proud of its associations with results-driven leaders and corporate pioneers that are helping UCF chart a new course for the university's future, and the future of its students.

We believe that no individual or institution acting alone can solve society's most signficant problems. That is why UCF is known as America's Partnership University.

Whether from close to home in our Central Florida backyard, or from across the globe, support from organizations and corporate partners helps create programs and opportunities for our current and future students, our alumni, and our faculty.

Your organization's support is a vote of confidence in UCF’s vision and mission of educating our future workforce, fostering innovation and strengthening Florida’s future.

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