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WUCF Items







Title Image Description Amount (only numbers) Gets Alternate? Category
WUCF Coffee Mug     25  No WUCF Items
Live at WUCF: 25th Anniversary Concert Series (2-CD)     50  No WUCF Items

Eliane Elias - 

"Dance Of Time"

 Eliane Elias   60  No CD's

Ella Fitzgerald - 

"ella fitzgerald sings the cole porter song book"

 Ella Fitzgerald - Cole Porter Songbook   100  No CD's
Black Fire Brazilian Steakhouse - Lake Buena Vista Black Fire Brazilian Steakhouse Gift Card ($100 value) 200 No RESTAURANTS
Cala Bella - Shingle Creek  Cala Bella Shingle Creek Gift Certificate ($100 value) 150 No RESTAURANTS

Evergreen Members

The 89.9 Evergreens is a giving club for members who support WUCF-FM's ongoing operations with a monthly automatic donation. It's an easy way to support the station you love and to keep your donations within your budget.

Evergreen members recieve a WELCOME PACK containing a Tote bag, a 1 year memership to Polasek Museum, and asorted Jazz CDs.

3CDs $5 - $9/month
6CDs $10 - $14/month
9CDs $15 - $19/month
12CDs $20 and above /month

Your Impact

Your gift of $35 allows our Live Streams to be licensed and available at for 24 hours!

Your donation of $50 keeps our Music Library cataloged, updated and available for an entire week!

Your pledge of $60 makes possible our broadcast of NPR News and Information for 24 hours on-air and online!

Your gift of $100 pays for another week of NPR and PRI Jazz programs!

Your donation of $200 keeps our studio equipment powered and backed up for an entire week!

Your pledge of $400 allows us to produce and record another great edition of “Live From Studio A”!

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