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UCF Day of Giving is an opportunity for all Knights to come together and support what they love about UCF. From academic and athletic programs to scholarships and student support funds, UCF has an array of causes worthy of your donation.


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The first-ever UCF Day of Giving is right around the corner! Mark your calendar — March 29 is the BIG day of impact. Together we'll make a huge difference in a short time — because on UCF Day of Giving, every gift makes an even bigger impact.

Thanks to Trustee Beverly J. Seay P'06 '11 and members of the UCF Alumni Board, nearly $50,000 in bonus funds are up for grabs. Make a gift on March 29 to the UCF causes you care about, and you'll help unlock thousands of dollars in extra support for UCF. For every 250 donors, more dollars are at stake — culminating in $20,000 of additional support when the UCF community reaches 1,000 donors. UCF Day of Giving is a can't-miss opportunity to make your donation go even further!

What does that mean, you ask? Well...

250 Donors = $5,000 in extra support
* 500 Donors = $6,200 in extra support
* 750 Donors = $15,000 in extra support
1,000 Donors = $20,000 in extra support

Every donor makes a difference, and your gift will help UCF transform lives through the power of philanthropy.

GET INVOLVED | Become an ambassador for UCF Day of Giving! Ambassadors help spread awareness, serve as representatives and endorse UCF Day of Giving by sharing campaign content on their social media, sending emails or making calls and texts to their UCF network. | SIGN UP


To learn more about UCF Day of Giving, please feel free to contact Stephanie Odierno '12 '17MBA, at (407) 882-0564 or stephanie.odierno@ucf.edu.


You can make a difference for UCF students with a donation to UCF on March 29, 2018. Spread the word by becoming an ambassador. We'll provide all the tools you need to share this special day with your UCF network on Facebook and Twitter. #GivetoUCF

Contact Stephanie Odierno '12 '17MBA for more information at stephanie.odierno@ucf.edu.

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